Rappahannock Trails Coalition


About Rappahannock Trails Coalition

Rappahannock Trails Coalition’s (RappTrails) mission is to make the outdoors accessible for Rappahannock County residents and visitors of all ages to safely enjoy walking, jogging, and biking for education, health, fitness, and community through establishment of a public trail system. 

Connecting our Villages and our Schools

Our first project is the Rappahannock Recreational Path. The path will be a 6-mile, family-friendly, dog-friendly, multi-use trail connecting Sperryville and Washington.  The Path will be built in 3-4 phases.  

Phase one, the “Schools Connector” will connect the High School and the Elementary School via a paved, 1.2 mile, 10-foot wide, ADA accessible path running from Hwy 211, behind the High School to the corner of Rock Mills Road and Hwy 211, along Hwy 211, and down a trail spur to the Elementary School.

Connecting the schools not only provides a community walking, jogging and biking trail, but also improves student/teacher access and safety, supports the Commit to Be Fit program, and further enhances the schools’ role as an asset to the community.


Connecting the villages of Rappahannock County

The Schools Connector Trail proposed route